Things To Consider Before You Start Building An Email List

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Things To Consider Before You Start Building An Email List

Notapor Mominul4122 » Lun, 14 Sep 2020, 06:53

If you have been reading my previous articles then you're probably aware that I believe that an email list is one of the most valuable tools you can have at your disposal when selling digital products online. In fact, the majority of texts that cover selling online will agree with this point. Therefore, I've decided to base my next few articles on the subject of building an email list. Now before you start building an business email list there are a number of things you need to consider. Some of these are points that I personally considered before starting my email list. Others are factors I just wish I had considered before starting my email list.

Now I'm no expert on the subject but I have read that although Self Hosted solutions are cheaper (once you have purchased the software that's all you have to pay), people often run into problems somewhere down the line. These problems include emails going straight into customers SPAM folders, emails not being delivered etc. Although a Third Party solution is an ongoing expense, I feel this expense is justified. Third Party usually provide very reliable email delivery rates, keep backups of your customer email lists and most importantly keep up to date with all the related legislation. If a new piece of legislation is introduced which you are unaware of and you are using a Self Hosted you could potentially violate this legislation, landing yourself in very hot water. With a Third Party , issues such as this are their responsibility and not yours. I personally use and recommend the third party Aweber.


When I started The eBook Cavern Newsletter I simply had all leads from all my websites subscribe to the same list. However, then I began to think that people who subscribe to my list after reading one of my reviews may not be be interested in the same topics as subscribers who came from my eBay About Me page. Therefore, I sat down, considered the different interests of my customers and then created different specific company email list to match their interests e.g. an eBay list, a reviews list etc. Now when a lead subscribes they are added to a specific list depending on the website they subscribed from e.g. leads from my eBay About Me Page are subscribed to my eBay list. Every subscriber is also added to a main list. By doing this I am now better equipped to cater to my customer needs. I can offer eBay leads free ebooks with resell rights and eBay offers, whilst offering leads from my reviews website free product reviews. If I want to communicate with all my subscribers then I have the option to do this by sending an email to my main list. Although you don't need to consider the number of the lists from the start I find it certainly helps. If you organise your lists in this way from the beginning you have a very good idea of what you're different customer segments want and you can focus your marketing efforts accordingly.
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