Looking for a boyfriend

Looking for a boyfriend

Notapor TiffanyRus » Lun, 26 Ago 2019, 09:13

Looking for a boyfriend

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Looking for a boyfriend

Notapor Emilehef » Mar, 15 Oct 2019, 14:06

Yes, Im looking for a boyfriend who is honest more or less means the speaker is trying to find honesty in a boyfriend. Language is full of often quite subtle metaphor, or rather, slight extensions of basic meanings to cover somewhat more extended ones. But like I say, I dont think the person as location or container is too much of a stretch of/for in.

As a dialogue:

A: What qualities/things are you looking for in a boyfriend?
B: Honesty. A short answer might beat the repeating of looking for and a boyfriend in Im looking for a boyfriend who is honest.
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