Creating an Email List - How to Build a List in 2 Weeks

Creating an Email List - How to Build a List in 2 Weeks

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The most successful businesses always make it a point that they are somehow connected to their customers and that these customers are given updates on products, services and email list even events that maybe relevant to the customers current or future needs.

So, building a list gives you the ability to efficiently and effectively put out the word that your business exists and that you are ready to serve prospective customers by providing large numbers of people with all the relevant information about your business.

It is no wonder that a lot of businesses are creating Email list of existing customers and that of their target market.

Advantages of Building a Mailing List

Creating Email list of current customers and prospective ones gives your business several distinct advantages over competitors who do not have a mailing list of their own. Using Email keeps you connected to previous and existing customers, retaining a sort of professional bond between your business and the customer, this is most effective especially if you have happy and satisfied clients.

Creating your email list contributes to the growth of your customer/client base since existing customers or prospective ones can forward your email to their family and friends. This activity alone makes it worthwhile, added to that is that people become instantly curious about your business and there is a definite chance that they will visit your website or give you a call. And of course all of these can be translated to sales and increase your profit margin.


Creating Email list that is efficient and effective in taking your message across to potential customers starts with taking steps and making sure that your email list is of quality and purposeful and not just a jab in the dark. If you have a list that is well-focused, with reliable and existing email information and of course consent-based is achievable and the only way to go. Unless you want your business mails to be regarded as just junk mail.

No Spam Please

The way to building a list that is usable and potentially profitable is to only use email information from individuals who have expressed their willingness to receive email updates from your business, this is done by proving a consent form via a check box or the disclosure of their email address.

Provide some form of reward or give a discount or special offer to those who want to register as your subscriber. Doing so makes it easier creating an email list of people who may avail of your discount which directly translates to business opportunities for you. When building your list and sending out your emails, never ask for more than a person name and email address, customers might shy away if you are asking too many questions.

Lastly, always state your intentions, be straight to the point and explicitly provide information about the goods and services you are trying to sell, this builds trust between you and the prospective customer because they know what you are all about.

Building an Email list for your business is something you should seriously consider if you still do not have one.
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